In one of the latest forays by the pharmaceuticals industry into mobile technology platforms for chronic disease management, Sanofi-Aventis has launched the iPhone application GoMeals, designed to help diabetics make the healthiest food choices.

The food-tracking tool powered by CalorieKing can provide the nutritional content of many foodstuffs sold in grocery stores, or for the meals and snacks offered on restaurant menus. Similar to the weight loss application LoseIt that tracks food intake, physical activity and provides nutritional data for many foods, CalorieKing's database contains information on over 25,000 foods and over 200 menus for US restaurants.

One of the features of the app, Today's Plate, can monitor daily calorie intake and keep track of carbohydrate, fat and protein distribution. Other features include: a nutritional pie chart on the touchscreen as well as a restaurant locator. For those cooking at home, ingredients can be added to be included in the nutritional monitoring and evaluation of a meal.

Like the app WaveSense, launched in August of this year by AgaMatrix, maker of glucose monitoring products and which tracks and manages glucose, food and medical data, GoMeals could help transform the management of many chronic diseases.

To encourage communication between people living with diabetes, the pharmaceuticals company also has a Twitter presence. (

The application is free and can be downloaded from the US iPhone App Store.