Lady Gaga on stage looks like she could burn enough calories to eat whatever she chooses but apparently she keeps a strict diet to fit into her otherworldly creations.

Gaga explained to the Daily Telegraph on February 18, "I'm on a very strict healthy pop star diet. I don't eat bread, just vegetables and salad and fish. Eating like that is much better for me anyway but on Sundays I sometimes eat pasta".

Harley Pasternak, New York Times best-selling author and celebrity trainer, who prepares Gaga for her tours and travels with her, created a plan for her.

Pasternak explained to Hollywoodlife, a celebrity news and gossip site, that Gaga's healthy pop star diet, includes the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Gaga does her 5-Factor workout with a HarleyBar, workout bar created by Pasternak. That's a cool barbell/dumbbell (DB) combination she travels with.

Step 2: Warm-up with a five-minute jog.

Step 3: Do the following three exercises as a circuit. Three times for 25 reps each set - DB back Rows - which train your upper back and posture muscles, DB deadlifts, which target your hamstrings, thighs and butt, and Sides bends, which work your love handles and obliques.

Step 4: Five minutes of skipping rope.

Step 5: Eat healthy! Gaga follows my 5-Factor World Diet plan. She's really loving the new recipes in my book the 5-Factor World Diet.

His most recent book, The 5-Factor World Diet, published in January 2010 includes over 120 recipes and important insights on health from around the world.

Pasternak is all about things in fives and this book highlights "five meals a day, five core ingredients, five-minute prep time-and incorporates the best foods and nutritional habits from ten of the world's healthiest countries."

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