Alex Thomson is a presenter on Channel 4 News. He lives in Essex with his partner, the investigative TV reporter Sarah Spiller. They have twin sons

Alex Thomson is a presenter on Channel 4 News. He lives in Essex with his partner, the investigative TV reporter Sarah Spiller. They have twin sons

Would you say that you are a healthy person?

Yes, I would. Though I have to say I don't eat well - too much pizza, fish and chips and other sorts of rubbish. I also drink too much... and I occasionally smoke when I'm drunk. Nevertheless, I would say that I am a healthy person but I think that you can get a bit paranoid about these sort of things.

Were you a healthy child?

Yes, I think I was. We were always fed lots of home cooking and didn't eat processed foods or foods with colourings and preservatives. Sweets and crisps were virtually banned in our house - though more because I think because my mother was concerned with money, which was pretty tight, than with our health. Although we did eat a huge amount of chips. I was always running around too - climbing up trees and digging holes in the ground.

Do you normally take exercise?

I attempt to go to the gym regularly and I try to swim twice a week. Though I can only do that when I'm in London and I'm frequently not.

Would you say you cope well with stress?

Stress is so pernicious - you often don't realise that you were stressed until afterwards. The stresses my job carries are often not obvious - such as trying to get a good work/life balance. Also, I have to try and make sure that everything is in order if I have to rush away at short notice. Though you can guarantee that the washing machine won't break down until you are in Iraq.

What are your favourite foods?

Cheese - I love cheese, I am a fool for it. I can't walk into any farmers' market without spending far too much on it.

What raises your blood pressure?

People not doing what they say they will really annoys me. Though I'm fairly easy going. I only lose my temper about once a decade or so - but that means when I do, it's horrendous.

Do your children eat healthily?

Yes, we are pretty careful with what they eat. Sweets, when they are allowed them at all, are strictly rationed. They're very good though: because we've brought them up eating very healthily from the very beginning, they practically regard courgettes and carrots as their favourite foods. I do feel faintly guilty when I sit at the breakfast table feasting on Crunchy Nut cornflakes, while they are eating additive-free muesli that tastes like cardboard.

Do you have any health vices?

Well, I suppose smoking, though I don't do it a lot. I'm one of those annoying people who bums the occasional fag off other people when they're drunk. I'm not addicted to it, though. I think many people can and do smoke without ever becoming addicted.

What is in your medicine cabinet?

We haven't got a medicine cabinet. Well, there is a box full of all sorts of rubbish in the kitchen, which contains some Nurofen. It also contains odds and ends to do with the children, old photos, and a couple of feathers from a dead pheasant.

Do you use any alternative remedies?

I don't myself. Touch wood, I haven't got anything to remedy. Though I don't have anything against alternative therapies and we use them with our children. Our eldest child has epilepsy and we use massage therapy on him. I'll try anything if it works. There is a cranky end of alternative therapies - but there is a cranky end of pharmaceuticals as well.