A pregnant mother of four children is in intensive care with swine flu. Fallon Devaney, 25, was taken to hospital after struggling for breath.

Her mother, Linda Fearney, said she had been suffering flu symptoms for more than a week and said the hospital confirmed she had swine flu.

Miss Devaney, who is five months pregnant with her fifth child, was being treated in intensive care after being taken ill on Tuesday.

Ms Fearney said her daughter had not been vaccinated against swine flu and told the Nottingham Post: "She's near to death and it's touch and go. We do not know if she's going to survive."

Hundreds of well-wishers have passed on messages to Miss Devaney in posts left on a Facebook group called Get Well Soon Fallon.

One message from Nikita Fearney said: "Fallon, you are one of the best people i know, with such a kind heart! This couldnt of happened to a nicer person! You are the most beautiful person i know inside and out, your four kids are perfect and need you to pull through this! I wish you all the strength to get well and back home to your babies. Love you lots."

Another, from Tracy Bennett, said: "Hope u better soon u have a lovely family who are waiting for there mummy at christmas thoughts are with your family x."

Paula Louise Tinley said in a post: "only just heard the sad news, thoughts r with u and all ur family. keep fighting chick."

Figures out earlier this week revealed 17 people have died from flu so far this winter.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) said 14 deaths were from swine flu and another three from flu type B.

All were under 65, with six deaths among children under 18.

At least eight of the 17 were in an "at-risk" group. None was pregnant and none had been vaccinated.