NHS trusts fear they will run out of cash, says study


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The number of NHS trusts that believe they will face severe financial pressures next year has almost doubled, according to a new report.

The study from the regulator, Monitor, found 11 hospital trusts have listed themselves with the highest or second highest financial-risk rating.

A further 10 say they will experience a high level of financial risk at some point during the year. All of these 21 trusts are specialist or acute-hospital trusts and the figure is higher than the 13 that last year predicted financial risk over the next three years.

Foundation trusts have also warned they will find it difficult to keep waiting times low, with the pledge for patients to be treated within 18 weeks of a referral by their GP posing a particular challenge.

Sixteen foundation trusts have declared a risk of not achieving the target for admitted patients and four for non-admitted patients. The sector is also forecasting 14 failures against the A&E four-hour wait target.