Former Health Minister Paul Burstow has urged the Coalition leaders to "take on the Treasury" to stop George Osborne blocking plans for funding elderly care.

Mr Burstow, who was axed in the reshuffle, wants David Cameron and Nick Clegg to push through a proposed £35,000 cap on how much elderly people have to pay themselves for care.

He fears the Government is trying to avoid bringing in recommendations made last year by the Dilnot report, and that Mr Osborne, the Treasury and senior civil servants are the chief opponents.

"I fear the Coalition could be tempted to put care financing back in the 'too difficult to do' drawer," he wrote in The Daily Telegraph.

“The Treasury’s view is simple, kick the can down the road despite our rising elderly population.

"There's no sense of urgency. No recognition that left unreformed there is no incentive for families to plan and prepare. In the view of mandarins there is no need for change, and certainly not yet."

The Treasury dismissed his concerns as "absolute rubbish".