'I walked 500 miles in 30 days'

What do you do to keep fit?
Last year I walked 500 miles in 30 days raising money for Macmillan Cancer Relief, so that wasn't a bad effort. Otherwise a few rounds of golf and a good swift walk to and from the pub!

Do you keep to any specific diet?
Not really. I eat what I fancy and fortunately it seems to agree with my metabolism.

What are your thoughts on the modern technologies that cricketers use today to stay in shape?
Well, you can't argue having seen the result of the Ashes series. Whatever it is it seems to be working. I'm not sure I would fancy playing these days mind you, apart from the money they are paid now of course!

How did you used to keep fit when you played cricket?
Ah you see that was my secret - never try too hard! A number of my fellow professionals used to train all day, eat and drink well, and then be flat out on the physio's bench most of the time. Not me though, I had one of the best fitness records around regarding not missing matches. Didn't mean I was fit, mind you!

Do you drink? Any celebratory champagne supped recently?
Like everyone I enjoy a drink, but champagne is a bit poncy for me. I prefer a good cold pint of lager or a bottle of Merlot.

Do you smoke?
Yes - next question! For my sins I do - I always have and looks like I always will. I have tried to give up on numerous occasions with things like hypnotherapy, but none have worked so far. At least I do a better job of it than old Shane Warne.

Do you cope well with stress? When the Ashes series was getting tense, for example?
Not really, the fags and lager really come out then! Like the rest of the country, I was hiding behind the sofa. I was never great when playing and it hasn't got any easier afterwards either. I still feel great passion and pride for my country and so naturally want to see them succeed. So what a result the Ashes was - get in there!