Men who gorge themselves on bacon every day are doubling the risk of heart failure, new research has shown.

The study of more than 37,000 men discovered that those tucking into three rashers a day were twice as likely to die from heart failure as those eating just one rasher.

The risk increased by 8 per cent with every extra 50 grams of processed meat, the equivalent of one or two slices of ham, and the chance of dying from the condition increased by 38 per cent.

Processed meats such as bacon have been linked to conditions such as heart disease and cancer, particularly bowel cancer, which can lead to early death.

Over the 12-year follow-up period, 2,891 of the men who were monitored were diagnosed with heart failure and 266 died from the condition.

Although the study only involved men, the researchers say the same results are likely to be seen in women.

The research found that unprocessed meat does not pose the same health threat as processed.