PRIVATE HEALTH CARE A SPECIAL REPORT: Dental plan offers 24-hour servic e

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Janet Bedford, a senior doctor's receptionist in Alton, Hampshire, joined Denplan Care over 10 years ago, when her dentist left the NHS.

Mrs Bedford, 48, said: "I'd been with my dentist for years when he announced that he was leaving the NHS. He felt that he could not give people what he wanted to give them within the restrictions that were being imposed on him. Because he was such a good dentist, I didn't want to leave him."

Mrs Bedford pays pounds 12 a month, which allows her to visit a hygienist every three months, and see her dentist twice a year for a thorough examination. However, if she has any problems between her check-ups, Mrs Bedford can arrange additional appointments.

"I can see my dentist at any time, whenever I want to, for no extra cost."

Her subscription to Denplan also means that Mrs Bedford can make use of a 24-hour emergency line. "I've never used it but it is there. It makes me feel good to know that if I've got a problem, the answer phone will come on and one of the members of the practice will call. I know that I've got a dentist there if I need one."