"I am afraid Mr Best is coming to the end of the long road of his ill health. The situation is that, medically, the intensive care team and everybody concerned have managed to cope with pretty well with all the complications except the one that's happened again during the night, which you know about, this bleeding ... is now affecting the lungs and other parts. There is really no return from that situation. It's just not possible to recover from that episode he had during the night and he is now facing.

"He is still alive, he is still having standard medical care and treatment, but I have to tell you that his hours are numbered ... I can't be precise as to time but it is the final stages of this illness and I am afraid he could die at any time over the next 24 hours. I would be very surprised if he survives another 24 hours.

"I think [Best's family] accept what is going to happen. We have just all been sitting down together and it's very upsetting for everybody, isn't it, those looking after him, the family. I have talked to them at great length, I think they understand everything. Calum is there, everybody is there.

"He is not in any pain ... I don't want to go into medical details ... He is not conscious or aware. I think we are all very upset."