The psychiatrist and broadcaster Raj Persaud has been found guilty by the General Medical Council (GMC) of dishonestly plagiarising the work of colleagues in a manner that brought his profession into disrepute.

Dr Persaud, a prolific author and former presenter of the BBC Radio 4 show All in the Mind, had admitted copying others' work, but said he believed he had adequately acknowledged them and had denied being dishonest. He said he had been "confused" because of the pressure of work.

The panel will decide today what penalty to impose. Its powers range from issuing a reprimand to ending his medical career by striking him off the register.

Dr Anthony Morgan, the chairman of the GMC Fitness to Practise panel sitting in Manchester, told Dr Persaud: "The panel is of the view that you must have known that your actions in allowing the work of others to be seen as though it was your own would be considered dishonest by ordinary people. The panel has therefore determined that your actions were dishonest."

The psychiatrist had admitted plagiarising four research papers for his 2003 book, From The Edge of The Couch, and copying the work of two foreign academics for five of his articles.