Recipes for a Meatless Monday

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Meatless Monday, a global initiative to reduce meat consumption to improve both the health of individuals and the planet, is recognized as a day to enjoy garden varietals.  Here are some tips by award-winning chefs and recipes.

Gavin Kaysen, award-winning chef and author, explained to, a blog concerned about the environment and food choices, that the key to creating flavorful vegetarian dishes is to "keep it simple and think of the main vegetable and the ‘protein' then work your way around it from there, the results will be more than satisfying". 

Jeremy Fox, best known as the two Michelin star vegetarian chef formerly of Ubuntu, vegetarian restaurant in Napa, also looks at vegetables like meat, "I like to roast larger cuts of vegetables and butcher them afterward," Fox continued to Sunset, a lifestyle magazine and site, "you serve meat on the bone. Why not serve vegetables in their skins?"

Here are for meatless recipe videos to try:

Butternut squash and chickpea risotto by Brian Turner, British celebrity chef:

Gratin fennel with roasted tomatoes with Gino D'Acampo, Italian celebrity chef:

Zucchini with pasta; stuffed zucchini following the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan:

Lentil and walnut burgers on Before and After TV, YouTube lifestyle series:

Ligurian vegetarian lasagna with Amy Riolo, American chef:

Egg curry by Ed Baines, English celebrity chef: