Make the most of your couch-potato leanings with Tania Alexander's guide to the top 10 ways to get fit and healthy without having to leave the house

Hone alone

Hone alone

"All the exercise you need is in your own home," says fitness trainer Josh Salzmann. "You don't actually need any equipment at all - just your own body weight." The key to Salzmann's new method of home training is to slow exercise movements down and work the muscles to the point of exhaustion. You only need to do three 30-minute sessions a week.

Salzmann's 'The Truth About Fitness', a set of three DVDs, priced £39.99;

Have I got brews for you

"A good way to ensure you get the recommended eight glasses of water a day is to drink more herbal tea," says Esporta health-club nutritionist Mary Strugar. "Make it with lemon and ginger or mint." And it looks and tastes better when made with filtered water.

The Brita Acclario Select Water Filter Kettle, £59.95, combines a kettle and water filter in one. For stockists, tel: 0870 487 1000

Wash away those toxins

Most people's houses are full of toxins - in MDF furniture, carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses and even the paint on the walls. Healthy House sells non-toxic paints, toiletries and also non-chemical cleaning products such as the Aquaball (£14.99 for about 120 washes), a detergent-free laundry ball that cleans the clothes by oxygenating the water.

Healthy House, tel: 01453 752 216;

Sit on this

According to GMTV's fitness expert Nicki Waterman, you should get rid of your chair and sit on a ball instead as it will develop tighter abdominals and improve your posture without you even trying. "It's what I call incidental exercise," says Waterman.

Paisley-patterned Gaiam BalanceBall, £21.99, tel: 01926 816 177

Head case

Throw out lumpy old pillows and invest in a blissfully comfortable Tempur Pillow (£59.95) made from a material that moulds to your shape. Also check out the Tempur overlay mattress (from £449). A Swedish study showed that patients suffered less back pain, experienced deeper sleep, and an 83 per cent reduction in tossing and turning when using Tempur.

For stockists, tel: 08000 111 081;

Sweet success

"Sugar can lurk in the most unexpected places," says Nicki Waterman in her new book - a three-week diet plan to help you kick the nasty habit. For example, sugar can be found in some dips, cottage cheese, sandwich meats, mayonnaise, bread, oven chips and even crisps. "Check labels carefully and look out for the words 'coated', 'smoked' or 'flavoured' as this often means they contain sugar."

'Sugar Addicts Diet', £6.99, Thorsons

Walk this way

Have you ever wondered how many calories all of that housework adds up to? Fitbug tracks distance covered and calories burnt throughout the day, whether you're walking the dog or doing the vacuuming. It also links to the web via your PC to design a tailored plan with activity and nutrition targets.

Fitbug costs £49 for the bug and CD-Rom, plus £9.95 per month membership, tel: 0870 228 4949;

Get fruity

Smoothies help fussy kids have more fruit. The Kenwood New York Smoothie Maker is simple to use. So is the Rainbow Food Wallchart that encourages them to eat a greater variety of fruit and vegetables by giving reward stickers each time they eat from one of the five groups.

Kenwood New York Smoothie Maker, £34.99, tel: 02392 476 000; Rainbow Food Chart, £5.95, tel: 01273 558 112;

Wear a pendant for protection

Apparently, computer screens and domestic appliances such as microwave ovens contribute to the "electro-pollution" that surrounds us. The Bioguard pendant is a silica- crystal and metal disc that uses the principle of "Bio-resonance feedback" to help the body's cells deal with this low-level radiation.

Bioguard pendant, £75. For stockists, tel: 01752 841 144;

Get wobbling

According to the appropriately named Harley Street osteopath Garry Trainer, one of the best pieces of equipment for home use is a wobble board. Standing on this for a few minutes each day will both improve your balance and strengthen your lower limbs - which in turn can help prevent you getting back injuries.

Sissel 16-inch Wobble Board, £54.95, tel: 01422 885 433;