Senior Sex: He did it at 90. She did it at 59. Have babies, that is

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Anyone with a tendency to ageism look away now as the latest news from the bedroom is likely to make you want to go "Eeeeeew!" It turns out that far from settling into a sedate retirement with an improving book and a subscription to Saga, the world's oldies are (really, this is not for the squeamish) at it like rabbits.

An American study found – to much-professed surprise – that more than half of over-65s are still Doing It, many of them, apparently, with some degree of enjoyment.

And they're no different here. Last week 69-year-old Dawn Brooke admitted that 10 years ago she gave birth to a baby boy without the assistance of IVF. Not surprisingly, it was not a planned pregnancy and came as rather a shock, not least to her husband Raymond, then 64. "People are generally not quite aware of the extreme good luck we had at our age," said the proud father last week.

Dr Dawn Harper, a GP and author of Dr Dawn's Health Check, says that Mrs Brooke is not alone. The average menopause is getting later, she says, mainly because women are living longer. "What women don't realise is that you need to use contraception for a year after your last period if you are over 50 – two years if you are under 50. Not doing so might result in a surprise."

Try telling that to Nanu Ram Jogi, a 90-year-old Rajasthani, who has just become the world's oldest father. He thinks his new daughter is his 21st child.

Mr Jogi attributes his great virility to daily walks and lots of meat, and plans to keep having children until he is 100. "Women love me," he said with a toothless grin.