Siamese twin Jodie can go home, says judge

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The parents of the siamese twin Jodie can take her home to the Maltese island of Gozo, seven months after the controversial operation which saved her life, a judge ruled yesterday.

Jodie, now 10 months old, was separated from her weaker twin, Mary, who died during the 20-hour operation. They were born last August with fused spines joining them at the abdomen. Jodie's heart and lungs kept both alive.

Their mother, Rina Attard, 29, and father, Michaelangelo, 44, revealed their daughter's real name, Grace, after a High Court judge lifted orders stopping her from being named to allow the parents to secure the child's financial future with a lucrative series of media interviews. Her sister was identified as Rosie. By selling pictures and interviews to two tabloid newspapers, a magazine and a television programme, her parents are planning to set up a £350,000 trust fund for Grace.

Simon Taylor, for the parents, told Mr Justice Bennett the hearing was to further Gracie's "financial interest".

The Attards, devout Roman Catholics, had made a High Court attempt to stop the twins being separated, but the court ruled that surgery should be performed.