The H'andy sana 210, tagged as a "doctor in your pocket" is the first telemedicine device that allows a heart patient to remotely monitor their heart by recording a real-time ECG (electrocardiogram), send it to a health professional and also function as a regular smartphone.

ECG with smartphones is not completely new - the iPhone has had the Instant ECG application since 2009 to teach health professionals how to interpret ECGs; however the H'andy sana 210 is the only handheld that is so simple to use - by "just pressing two fingers on the phone's edges for 30 seconds, patients will be able to take an ECG reading of their heart's rhythm at any place and at any point of time."

The device also offers an emergency service where the ECG would be sent to medical experts for immediate (2-3 minute) analysis and diagnosis.

With full mobile phone features, the H'andy sana 210 can not only be used for monitoring and managing health including storing data like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and ECG monitoring via its health suite service but also access multimedia, the web, calendar, a camera, calling functions, SMS and emails.

The official launch is scheduled for August 2010 in the United Kingdom and Germany with a European rollout taking place through November 2010. A representative for MMB Medical Marketing Berlin GmbH, the exclusive distributors of the H'andy sana 210 in Europe, told Relaxnews "the pricing can be compared with the iPhone," depending on service providers and MMB is actively seeking telecommunication partners and clinics. There are a small number of devices available for testing now. For more information, visit: