Specialists alarmed by shortage of sperm

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The national crisis in sperm donation is to be investigated by Britain's fertility regulator amid growing concern that IVF clinics are becoming increasingly reliant on imports from abroad.

Warnings that "huge numbers of blonde, blue-eyed children" will be born as a result of the number of couples using sperm imported from Denmark have prompted the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to review the shortage of British donors.

The number of home-grown donors who supply Britain's 93 fertility clinics has been declining for five years since government plans to end anonymity for donors were first discussed. The law was changed in April last year.

Laura Witjens, of the National Gamete Donation Trust, warned last week: "Of the 93 fertility clinics in the UK if you had 20 sperm donors between them that would surprise me. A lot of donations are coming from Denmark.

"You will see huge numbers of blonde, blue eyed children in the North of England."