Summer of disability woe: Parents of disabled children pay average surcharge of £5 an hour, research shows


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After spending hundreds of pounds on childcare over the summer holidays, millions of working parents cannot wait for school to restart this week.

But new research shows that the parents of disabled children have been particularly hard hit, having to pay up to £1,200 extra for childcare over the summer.

Such parents effectively pay an average surcharge of £5 an hour for their childcare, according to the report by the charity Working Families.

The average cost of childcare this summer broke the £100 per week threshold for the first time – reaching £109. This means that working parents have spent up to £650 for each child. Those with disabled children could have paid an extra £1,200 on top.

The expense of childcare and shortage of places is "having a profound impact on families and their ability to work", concludes the report, which is based on a survey of almost 200 parents,

Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families, added: "We don't think parents should be charged more, simply because their child is disabled."