The know-how of juice fasting

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There is a mass appeal to fast in order to aid Haiti. As a response many may opt to fast with juices opposed to water as it provides the body with nutrients while allowing the digestive track to rest according to numerous fasting veterans, nutritionists and physicians.

The benefits of juice fasting are enumerated on the site Body Detoxification Methods and Mehmet Oz, M.D., professor of cardiac surgery at Columbia University, founder of the complementary medicine program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, acclaimed author and health advisor, who has appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show and hosts his own health-related TV program The Dr.Oz Show, stated that juicing programs can be a jumpstart to healthier eating habits with long-term results in reducing sugar and salt cravings.

On the sites and eHow they explain the importance of transitioning in and out of a fasting program: eat light, preferably a mix of fresh vegetables and fruits. The night before and after a juice fast it is good to have vegetable broth. Breaking a fast should be gradual - soups, apple sauce, yogurt and soaked prunes are recommended by serial fasters.

It is common to experience fatigue, chills, headaches and other unpleasantness during the first three days. Many claim this is caused by toxins stored in your body that are being released and need to be eliminated. There are a variety of ways to assist the body in elimination during the absence of solid foods ranging from salt water flushes to colon hydrotherapy.

Andrew Weil, M.D., champion of alternative health and author of numerous books including Spontaneous Healing, explains that you can safely do a juice fast for one to three days discouraging diabetics and women who are pregnant or nursing, and numerous other sites including Body Detoxification Methods claim a juice fast can last from 72 hours to up to 90 days.

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Consider donating to a Haitian relief and recovery program the funds you save in groceries and eating out. Visit Fast for Haiti to learn more about their global campaign and to find out what charities are aiding Haiti look to Charity Navigator or Huffington Post.