Your showering habits could be reeking havoc with your skin / Rex Features

This habit could be causing rashes and dryness

Many people wash their face in the shower. It's quicker and easier than doing so while bending over a sink, but experts say it could be doing a lot of damage to your skin. 

According to advice, the best thing for your face is to wash it in cold or lukewarm water, so running it under a hot shower should be avoided. 

Beauty expert Amadine Isnard told the Gloss hot water strips away oil – which is why we use it to wash dirty dishes.

She said stripping the natural oils away is bad for the skin as it dries out the face and makes you more prone to spots, rashes and other skin problems. 

Cold water doesn’t ‘close’ your pores – this is a myth – but it is good for your skin.

Ms Isnard said: “A cold finish stimulates circulation and can be hugely beneficial to the overall glow of your skin.”

She said washing your face in the sink allows you to gauge the temperature more effectively - and means you can care for your visage without having to endure a blast of cold during your shower.