The Ten Best: Night creams

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Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins

Enriched with revitalising minerals, Night-A-Mins is a cocktail of active ingredients to boost and moisturise the skin. The addition of aromatherapy ingredients helps to ensure a good night's sleep. 08007 314 039

Caudalie Crème Tisane de Nuit

Caudalie discovered the antioxidant properties of grapeseed oil. Patented ingredients, such as Grapevine Reversatol, have proven effective in skin restructuring. The cream improves cell renewal. Ideal for the first signs of aging. 020-7304 7038

Sisley Confort Extreme Night Skin Care

Sisley's philosophy is to put in as many effective ingredients as possible, and hang the cost. The result is a potent cream for dry, sensitive skin. Arnica and echinacea help to combat redness and dehydration. 020-7491 2722

Babor Vita Balance

Dry skins can suffer in wind, rain and sun. This is packed with natural oils and active ingredients, such as Mexico honey, wheat proteins and vitamin E. It has a pleasant smell and sinks in quickly and effectively. 020-8455 1274

Jo Malone Orange & Geranium

This finely textured product is best suited to mature skin or skin often exposed to the elements. Essential oils of orange purify and detoxify, while extracts of geranium hydrate as you sleep. 020-7720 0202

Darphin Hydraskin Night

An effective night cream for all skin types. Extracts of imperata cylindrica and luffa help to retain moisture during the night, while oils of chicory and sandalwood are soothing. 08700 342 566

Dermalogica Night Bright

Anyone with uneven skin tone or pigmentation damage will find this a revelation. Liquorice, kiwi and mulberry are combined with lactic acid and vitamin C. It's good for sensitive skin, but dry skins may need extra moisture. 0800 591 818


Himalaya Herbals Revitalising

No hefty price tag, but this is an effective night cream that looks and smells fresh and clean. Extracts of tomato are antioxidant, while apple and white lily help to cool and soothe the skin. It is suitable for all skin types. 01534 855 543


Prada Reviving Night Kit

Users get the benefit of technical creams. This uses vitamins A, C, E and F, avocado oil, yeast extracts and wheat and soya proteins, and it works on a time-release basis during the night. An eye cream is included. 020-7499 4420


Imedeen Expression Line Control Night Care

Line Control Night Care reduces the skin's ability to make wrinkles. Vitamin C helps to repair skin damage, while marine extracts increase the skin's resistance. 020-7408 5080