Five applications that will help provide you with the essential information you need to keep your close ones safe.

Pocket First Aid & CPR
Pocket First Aid & CPR is an application put together by the American Heart Association. The application includes video, image and text-based guides to help you provide on-the-spot assistance to those in need before emergency help arrives. The application also helps you keep track of what's in your first aid kit so you are prepared in an emergency, keeps a record of your family's medical information (including blood-type, known allergies, address and contact numbers for your regular doctors, and insurance information).
Price: $3.99

WebMD Mobile
WebMD Mobile enables users to learn about medical conditions using WebMD's huge database of information. Simply enter in your details (age, gender and symptoms) and let the application determine the possible cause(s) of your ailments. The application is useful for finding out additional information about the uses, side effects and precautions to follow when using prescription drugs, vitamins and natural treatments. There is also a section that provides you with detailed information about first aid practices.
Price: Free

Pet First Aid
Pet First Aid: for your Dog, Cat, Puppy, or Kitten will help you provide the basic care and medical attention that your four-legged friend might need in a medical emergency. The application shows owners how to treat minor ailments with helpful videos, illustrations and detailed articles on subjects like cuts, choking, poisoning, bandaging and more. A section called Pet info lets you enter in information about your pets including when they had their last vaccinations, any medications they take, or information about any allergies or conditions your animal suffers from.
Price: $3.99

Emergency Aid
Emergency Aid is a comprehensive first aid application that provides users with easy-to-understand, how-to help guides that could prove invaluable in the event of an emergency. The app turns your phone into an emergency distress signal and light, protects your medical and insurance information with password protection, and lets you create your own Emergency Contact or MedAlert Wallpaper so people know what to do if you are hurt and can't communicate.
Price: $1.99

Army Survival
For those who frequently find themselves in the wilderness or like to go camping, the Army Survival application will keep you safe in the wild. More than 1,400 pages of information show you how to build a fire, make your own shelter, find water, create traps to catch your next meal, how to deal with medical emergencies in the wilderness and even tells you which plants have medicinal properties.
Price: $1.99