The housekeeper

Jill Robertson is, hearteningly enough, "very hopeful for the future of the NHS". She thinks it's "great news that more money is coming in. But it has got to be spent wisely." As a housekeeper she is responsible for ensuring hygiene, and her hospital, West Suffolk, got a three-star ranking. "But we are still worried that the job is not being done properly as we're constantly having to skimp over things." Over the past few years, 27 hours a week of cleaning has been cut from every ward. "And we've been told not to use vacuum cleaners as they take too much time, but to use dry mops instead. But they just move the dust around.

She says it would "be nice" to be paid more "but what we really need is more people and equipment. The importance of our work needs to be recognised. Patients are leaving hospitals with infections as we just can't keep them clean.

"Yes, we need more money – but we need competent management too."