l Anti-malaria treatment, if needed

l Other vaccine, if needed and if available

l Paracetamol for pain relief and colds

l Sun-screen of SPF15 or higher

l Insect repellent and mosquito net for campers

l Calamine lotion to take the sting out of sunburn

l Plasters

l Travel sickness pills

l Anti-diarrhoea/electrolyte replacement solutions

l Water-purification tablets

l Indigestion remedies

l Cold-sore treatment - sunlight can trigger an attack

l Anti-histamine tablets for hay fever and allergies.

A booklet, `Health Advice for Travellers', is available free from post offices and advice is also available from the Department of Health (0171-210 4850). The Hospital for Tropical Diseases and Travel Clinic runs a health line for travellers on 0839 337731.