You wouldn't like me when I'm angry


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"Your anger leaks out in different ways such as sarcasm, withholding affection and support, bitching, and undermining the person you are angry with."

Well, if I wasn't annoyed before, I am now that I've completed The British Association of Anger Management's How Prickly Are You? test and found out I'm the love child of a passive-aggressive shrew and the Incredible Hulk.

Still, I scored 15 out of a possible 20 on a range of questions including "Do you have a tendency to take your anger out on someone other than the person you're angry with?" (Yes) and "When a problem arises between you and someone else, do you discuss it without losing control of your emotions?" (No). If you think you're more of a Hulk than a Deputy Dawg, take the test at