Have you up until now been jamming as much of your fist into your mouth as possible to try and determine other humans' true thoughts and feelings? Well cut it out, because pioneering research by celebrity body language expert Marisa Peer in conjunction with gonedigging.co.uk has discovered that people express themselves with facial expressions!

A press release that landed in our inboxes this morning "reveals the top secret signs to find out what’s going on beneath a person’s surface smile", shoehorning in something about better understanding people's reactions to presents (GoneDigging is a gifts website after all).

It's full of useful tips, drawing a causal link between happiness and smiling (mind blown) and instructing you to be on the lookout for a "plastered-on fake smile" when trying to detect disappointment - truly every bullet point would sit comfortably on one of those 17 Things That Will Make You Never Look At The World The Same Way Again lists.

The 'frustration' section is a particular highlight (you wouldn't wanna be around when someone hits you with a 'slight head tilt') but here's the list verbatim:




The signs of a person hiding frustration are as follows:

•         Lowered eyebrows, squinting eyes

•         Tension in neck

•         Flushed face, patchy red blotches

•         Pressing lips together into a thin line

•         A slight head tilt




When a person is concealing feelings of disappointment, you will see the following:

•         A plastered-on fake smile

•         Half smile which does not reach the eyes




To tell if a person is embarrassed, watch out for the following:

•         Blushing

•         Covering face with her hands

•         Looking down and away



Emotional (happy)

When a person is emotional, their eyes are the giveaway. Look out for:

•         Wide eyes

•         A hint of tears



Genuinely Happy

If a person is genuinely happy, you will be able to tell by the following signs:

•         Smiling and laughing

•         Eyes and nose crinkling

•         Smile is so wide that eyes close in pleasure