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'Increasing evidence' that Australia is torturing refugees

'Medical involvement in torture is often discussed in terms of what happens or has happened elsewhere, in some imagined country far away, under a military dictatorship for example, or historically in Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia'

Revealed: The true cost of bad dentistry

Problems with dental care are up 9 per cent from last year with issues including dentists cracking healthy teeth during treatment, fillings that came out and dentures that did not fit

Global plastic surgery hotspots

Cosmetic surgery has centuries-old roots. Now some countries are becoming world-leaders in particular fields. Plastic surgeon Jim Frame picks five of the most surprising   

The ugly history of cosmetic surgery

The number and type of operations done purely for aesthetic effect is unsettling and growing. But, says Michelle Smith, it’s only a logical progression of what started as a nose replacement service for sufferers of syphilis

What effect would Brexit really have on the NHS?

As one of the most authoritative voices on the NHS, Dr Sarah Wollaston’s defection from Leave to Remain side has put each side’s claims about the health service back into the spotlight