Sleep like a baby: Remember to keep cool / George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

Not sleeping because of the heat? These four things may help

The hottest day of the year so far may have been enjoyed by some – but it brought misery for others unable to sleep last night.

Temperatures climbed to over 35 Celsius yesterday as the UK baked in the hottest July day since records began. Last night, much of the country reported temperatures still in the high twenties into the late evening.

Professor Adrian Williams, from London’s Sleep Centre, explained the reason many people may have been unable to sleep was because the body could not cool itself down sufficiently.

“You have to lose around 1C every night, which is a phenomenal amount of temperature,” he told The Independent.

Professor Williams suggested the following remedies, should you be struggling.

- Dampen your pillow and change your linen to lighter sheets

- Avoid late night exercise, especially in the weather as it remains too hot to exercise.

- Avoid caffeine and other similar stimulants

- Using a fan is, he believes, the most effective way to keep your body cool at night.