Hot 'how to' video tutorials: taking care of your newborn

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Just brought your newborn baby home from the hospital? These how-to videos will help you master the first steps of parenthood.

How to: get your newborn to sleep, calm a crying baby, pick up a newborn, swaddle a baby, master the first steps of breastfeeding, give your newborn a sponge bath, cradle hold a baby, change a disposable diaper, burp a baby, hold your newborn on your shoulder, breastfeed correctly, change a cloth diaper, hand your newborn over to a friend, make your own baby wipes, get your baby into a bedtime routine, dress your newborn, and trim your baby's nails, via video site Howcast.

How To Get a Newborn To Fall Asleep

How To Calm a Crying Baby

How To Pick Up a Newborn

How To Swaddle a Baby

How To Get Started Breastfeeding

How To Give a Baby a Sponge Bath

How To Cradle Hold a Baby

How To Change a Disposable Diaper

How To Burp a Baby

How To Hold a Newborn on Your Shoulder

How To Breastfeed Correctly

How To Change a Cloth Diaper

How To Hand Off a Newborn

How To Make Homemade Baby Wipes

How To Get Your Baby Into a Bedtime Routine

How To Dress a Baby

How To Trim a Baby's Nails