Following the tragic events in Japan over the weekend which have left over 10,000 dead and many times that number missing, Japanese iPhone users are turning to a medical app for help.

The application, called Medical Encyclopedia for Home Use,  is currently the most downloaded free application on the Japanese iTunes store. According to a description of the app, the manufacturers began offering it for free after the events of the weekend.

The application offers basic first aid advice for treating minor injuries and symptoms of shock.

The application has been positively received with users such as "irisitejp" commenting, "making the app free of charge was a bold decision," and "Tomoyasu Koyanagi" commenting "[this] is absolutely fantastic."

The application, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is available to download at: .

The most downloaded application for the iPad in Japan translates as "Ken Satoru electronic block" and is a challenging math puzzle.