Nicholas Coolridge tucks into his food upside down / moderntarzan/Instagram

'I'm not exactly a normal person but I really enjoy life so who cares'

A free-running acrobat who calls himself a modern-day Tarzan has shown off his jaw-dropping strength - by tucking into brunch upside-down.

Nicholas Coolridge, who is a competitor in the US TV show American Ninja Warrior, has attracted thousands of fans on Instagram with his feed of madcap strength stunts with his partner Dana Arnold. 

One of his latest videos shows him about to tuck into a meal with a knife and fork. He then drops the cutlery, and pushes himself into a handstand, heading face-first into his dish.

"I'm not exactly a normal person but I really enjoy life so who cares," he wrote beneath the clip.

Coolridge describes himself as a movement artist, and uses his skills and strength to interact with objects around him – from scaling walls Parkour-style, to walking on his hands along the beach. 

On his website he says he is “constantly creating unique perspectives on how to look at and interact with the world around us.” 

In an interview with Digital Journal last year, Coolridge said: "My biggest goal is to be sponsored as an athlete to train towards competitions, and also to create beautiful media in art with handstands and flips.

"That would be the greatest thing: to travel and to create art and to inspire people.” 

Which is fine by us as long as he keeps posting bad-ass videos online.