Dr. Dennis Friedman, an 85-year old fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and author of An Unsolicited Gift: Why We Do What We Do released in paperback in the United Kingdom on March 25, touts the importance of mother-child bonding.

Friedman has published innovative work on anxiety, stress-related illness and phobias. In this latest work he analyzes the role of the mother and how her love and care can determine adult actions and addictions.

Quite possibly a difficult read for working mothers, but a great guide for mothers-to-be and those trying to resolve their childhood issues, Friedman offers lessons and solutions.

For instance, a baby boy will already conceive that being unfaithful to a future partner is acceptable because of his complicated relationship between nanny and mother. Friedman contends this can be remedied by not allowing a nanny or au pair to care for your son before age one.

Mothers should also refrain from introducing nannies into the house before age one to daughters as it can lead to drug addiction and other problems because they are left with a "vacuum of need" from their mother.

A reader commented on Amazon.co.uk, "Friedman does not hold back from some fairly explicit references, the chapters on sexual deviation and prostitution are particularly graphic, but you never sense that this is gratuitous or anything other than necessary for the point being made."

An Unsolicited Gift was written based on Friedman's extensive experience in the psychology of parenting and its long-lasting consequences.

An Unsolicited Gift: Why We Do What We Do, £11.99 (€13.43)