New elliptical bike hits the open road

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Can't decide between running or cycling? Do both with the elliptical bike ElliptiGo. Earlier this month, its San Diego-based makers announced the US release of a new three-speed version priced cheaper than its predecessor.

Dubbed the world's first elliptical bicycle, the bike was designed by an elite ultra-marathoner to be a substitute for running, without damaging joints. And the manufacturer promises a calorie-killing workout: according to a press announcement, riding an ElliptiGO at 19 mph (31 kph) provides the same cardiovascular benefits as running at a 7 min/mile (4:23 min/km) pace.

The new ElliptiGO 3C retails for $1,799 and is available in green, black, and orange. An existing ElliptiGO 8-speed model sells for $2,499/€1,767. Currently the 3C is only available in the US, but a spokesperson for the company said it will be available in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe before the end of the year. The eight-speed model has been available internationally in Europe since Janary 2011 and can be purchased in all EU countries.

"The new ElliptiGo 3C is a driveable piece of gym equipment that gives you crazy toned calves and thighs while letting you bike and jog at once," reviews design site Inhabitat. "That's still quite a lot for a novelty bike that may incur some pointed fingers and shielded laughter," writes gagdet guide Gizmodo of the new price point, "but if you're hellbent on ramping your exercise efforts up a notch, this could be just the thing."

For those who prefer a stair stepper, hop on the 3G Stepper. The saddle-less bike allows you to step/cycle your way to work, the gym, anywhere, as long as you don't mind the stares from passersby, all while targeting "problem areas," such as thighs and bottom. Prices range from $269/€190 for a kid's model dubbed "Junior" to $1,999/€1,413 for the souped-up "Da Money," featuring an aluminum frame, Shimano brakes, and Canadian maple wood decks.

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