Slaving away at your computer may have just gotten a little easier with two new eyeglass designs announced July 13 from Japanese eyewear maker J!NS.

The two new styles, J!NS PC and J!NS Moisture, were designed to ease eye pain and fatigue caused by staring at your computer screen all day.

J!NS PC was designed to block up to 55 percent of "blue light" from the computer display that often leads to eye fatigue, while J!NS Moisture helps your eyes retain moisture for up to two hours, according to the company.

The new designs will hit the Japanese market in October with a price tag of around US $75 to $100.

Nintendo 3DS gamers addicted to the device's 3D feature can ease eye strain with the ClearOptix Gaming Glasses, which claim to reduce fatigue while increasing visual accurary and performance. The ClearOptix Gaming Glasses released last month with a US $39.99 price tag.

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