Four new applications were launched for the iPhone to assist shoppers and diners seeking products and restaurants that are halal (adhering to Islamic dietary guidelines), vegetarian, kosher (in line with Jewish standards), and gluten and allergen free.

The Vegetarian Scanner and the Halal Scanner provide an easy-to-use application that scans, reads and notifies you if the product's ingredients are in fact all vegetarian or halal.

Both applications were released on April 6 and are developed by Mello Apps Limited with the same functionalities:
Scan ingredient labels and automatically determine [halal or vegetarian] statues of food additives.
Search through food additives using the keypad.
Browse through our entire database of food additives and their [halal or vegetarian] statuses.
Customize the start page of the app for easy access to your favorite feature.

The lite versions are free and it costs €1.59 to download the full versions, enhanced with the features above plus the ability to scans ingredients using the camera.

The Scanner applications are novel in identifying additives in products that might not support your dietary lifestyle. For those with other special dietary needs, there are useful applications like iEatOut Gluten & Allergen Free and Get Kosher  - The Kosher Restaurant Finder that help hungry travelers and those with new allergies ask the right questions when ordering to identify the best dining options.

iEatOut Out Gluten & Allergen Free (released April 1, 2010 for iPhone and the iPad) €6.99
The ultimate resource for those dealing with food allergies adapted from the book, Let's Eat Out! Your Passport to Living Gluten and Allergy Free, is available in five languages and gives the ability to:

-  Select from any combination of 10 common food allergens - gluten, wheat, corn, dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts
-  Personalize these allergens for yourself and others
- Choose from 176 menu items customized to your allergens
- Prepare yourself with questions to ask for safe ordering

Get Kosher  - The Kosher Restaurant Finder (released on March 24, 2010) €1.59
This application is not the first to offer diners assistance in finding kosher dining establishments but it does offer the largest international database (8,000 restaurants in 50+ countries) that is updated by worldwide volunteers.