New motion-sensing game hopes to transform your workout

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Ubisoft Montreal is releasing an upgraded version of the Your Shape game for Xbox 360 Kinect on November 4. The game scans your body, replicates it on screen, and gives personal trainer feedback in real time using a motion sensor.

The new fitness game, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, uses the Kinect hands-free motion-sensing controller to track your movements during your exercise routine and then offers real-time feedback, such as calories burned and corrections on form and technique. Users can choose a personal trainer to help meet specific fitness goals, take a yoga or martial arts class, or play family-friendly games.

Last year, Ubisoft released a Your Shape videogame for the Wii that used a camera to scan players' bodies and replicate them on screen, where a virtual trainer coaches them through exercise routines. The new version for the Xbox 360 hopes to compete by offering precise feedback on every part of your body and letting users compete in on-screen activities such as skiing, boxing, hang gliding, and horseback riding.

To help keep players motivated, they can log on to an online portal called Your Shape Center, that provides feedback on progress and allows other players to motivate each other through customized challenges, such as setting goals for how many-calories-burned per workout. Other Your Shape: Fitness Evolved motivators include interactive effects, such as simulated paint and confetti, when you reach your goals.

Another new game set to be released in the coming weeks is EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii, the PlayStation 3's Move system, and Xbox 360 Kinect, with accompanying applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The game, set to hit shelves on November 16 in North America (November 19 in Europe) is being touted by sports superstars and EA's brand ambassadors David Beckham and Venus Williams. It comes with a resistance band, heart rate monitor, motion sensors embedded in leg and arm straps, and access to an online portal that allows users to share progress with others.

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