Launched on November 4, SteriPEN's Sidewinder purifier can filter water anywhere - even where there is no access to electricity or batteries.

The new purifying system is the first of its kind with a crank-powered ultraviolet light, which kills toxins from water in its tank when you turn the crank at 120 rpm. On its website, the company claims the product is ideal for outdoor and camping activities, to purify water from natural lakes or streams, but is also a handy and potentially life-saving device for natural disasters.

The device purifies one liter of water in 90 seconds using a UV system that destroys waterborne bacteria, viruses, and protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium. "This hand-powered system is eco-friendly and can save thousands of plastic bottles from entering landfills," states the product's website. The bottle is also said to be made of a BPA-free plastic and the kit comes with a pre-filter for use prior to treatment if the water contains particulates.

Each Sidewinder sells for $100 (73 euros).

Another new device released this spring was The Bobble, a reusable, portable water bottle that filters tap water as you drink. The product was created by Move Collective, LLC and designed by Karim Rashid, internationally-renowned industrial designer. A single Bobble filter equates to at least 300 water bottles, decreasing the environmental impact created by disposable, plastic bottled water. The filter should be replaced every two months or after filtering approximately 150 liters of water.