At this year's FIBO, an international fitness trade show in Essen, Germany, bike manufacturers will flaunt their novel innovations, including a stepper bike, an elliptical bike, and one bike that is part objet d'art, part fitness gear.

Like using an elliptical machine but want to hit the open road? The ElliptiGO 8S is just the thing. Dubbed the world's first elliptical bicycle, the bike was designed by an elite ultra-marathoner to be a substitute for running, without damaging joints. And the manufacturer promises a calorie-killing workout: according to a press announcement, riding an ElliptiGO at 19 mph (31 kph) provides the same cardiovascular benefits as running at a 7 min/mile (4:23 min/km) pace. Price: $2,499/€1,767.

For those who prefer a stair stepper, hop on the 3G Stepper. The saddle-less bike allows you to step/cycle your way to work, the gym, anywhere, as long as you don't mind the stares from passersby, all while targeting "problem areas," such as thighs and bottom. Prices range from $269/€190 for a kid's model dubbed "Junior" to $1,999/€1,413 for the souped-up "Da Money," featuring an aluminum frame, Shimano brakes, and Canadian maple wood decks.

Power Plate converts might want to check out the Power Plate powerBIKE, a not-yet-for-sale bike that combines Power Plate vibrations with a stationary ride. The bike emits vibrations to your muscles (stimulating up to 2,400 muscle contractions per minute), which the manufacturers say means you work harder, burn more calories, and get a more efficient workout in a shorter amount of time. Plus if you need a break from the vibrations, you can switch them off at any time. Price not yet available.

For the style set with more money than calories to burn, check out the Italian-made Ciclotte. Designer Luca Schieppati took his Ciclò - a concept bike now part of the permanent collection of the Milan Design Museum - and transformed it into a sleek exercise bike made of carbon, steel, and glass fibers. Price: $10,700/€8,086.

FIBO celebrates its 26th anniversary as Europe's key health, fitness, and wellness trade event. On April 14-17, Essen, Germany, will welcome over 30,000 health industry professionals and an additional 20,000 individuals interested in overall health from 100 countries.

The event rivals other major international trade fitness events such the Los Angeles-based IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show, which took place earlier this month, and the IDEA World Fitness Convention, also in Los Angeles, which will take place August 11-14.

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