New online guide from the Government to help parents keep in-the-know on what their children are saying online

If you’re a POS/MOS, your child could potentially be planning to MIRL with a MOOS, so you’d better make sure you’re clued-up with the CD9 so your child knows that PAW.

Parents are, no doubt, scratching their heads after reading the above, which is why the Government has stepped in to lend a helping hand.

Having launched a new initiative, ParentInfo, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is helping to ensure schools across the country can give parents the best possible advice to prepare their children for adult life, making sure they’re kept in-the-know about all things social media-related.

With a rise in ‘popular teen chat acronyms’ – many of them indicating sexual content – the new online dictionary will strive to help the one in five parents who, according to the Department for Education, say they currently feel ill-equipped to keep their children safe on the internet.

As a parent herself, Mrs Morgan emphasised how the internet is “an incredibly powerful tool” which is changing the way children learn and stay in touch. “We must also make sure we do everything we can to help them stay safe online,” she added.

So, for all the readers out there who are wondering – and possibly concerned about – what all the latest acronyms mean, take the following quiz to see how much you know about today’s young peoples’ chat: