Divorce expos have been popping up all over North America and Europe (Italy held its first in May) to help individuals plan and prepare for divorce and "de-coupling." Here are some tips to help you afford your new start.

On August 11, VisualEconomics.com, a blog that simplifies financial data with images, created a user-friendly guide to help women budget and stay debt-free post-divorce.

People approach divorce differently and there are many services from groups that help you adapt to living alone, divorce gift registries and even divorce-inspired plastic surgery.

Whatever you decide to do, VisualEconomics.com offers tips to help you afford your "newly single life" with a step-by-step guide adapted from the resource site DivorceSupport.com. Here are some highlights:

 - Make lists of your current income, set and fluctuating expenses (evaluate items for elimination).

 - Compare the lists and determine what is a need right now vs. a want.

 - Get creative and think about new income sources.

 - Avoid the stress of new debt and exceeding your means

Worldwide divorce rates are fluctuating and according to the site Divorce.com, Belarus has the highest rate of divorce at 68 percent. To view the top 20 nations with the highest divorce rate per capita, go to: http://www.divorce.com/article/worldwide-divorce-statistics

To view the complete visual guide "Budgeting Your Newly Divorced Life", go to: http://www.visualeconomics.com/budgeting-for-your-newly-divorced-lifestyle