#RealMumMoments social media campaign encourages women to share brutally honest stories about parenting

'Parenthood is... a handful of hot sick caught discreetly in a restaurant'

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Women are sharing brutally honest stories about the realities of being a parent ahead of Mother's Day.

A new social media campaign is filling Twitter and Facebook with their accounts of parenthood in a bid to show motherhood is never perfect and far from easy.

The hashtag #RealMumMoments was initiated by Digital Mums, the organisation that trains women to be social media managers.

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Real Mum Moments highlight the brutal reality of parenthood

Some of the horror stories involve the embarrassing things children say in public, incidents with the "naughty step", and the observations children feel obligated to make that their parents definitely didn't ask for. 

Cessally Collison from east Sussex, who contributed to the campaign on Twitter, told The Telegraph that it’s “so easy on social media to edit our lives to make everything look like we are always having a great time.

"But it creates unrealistic expectations, especially on mothers. There’s a rawness to #RealMumMoments and I feel so much better knowing there are so many other women in the same boat as me."

To share your #RealMumMoments visit the Digital Mums Facebook page or tweet @digitalmumshq on Twitter. Visit their website here