The trend lately is to take the dogma out of dieting by transitioning into healthier eating habits that don't require a full commitment, kind of like being a flexitarian, meat-eating vegetarians, with everything bad but tasty like sugar, fried foods and carbs.

During the week of May 17th, two celebrities decided to share with the world their quirky diet rules, namely American actors Nick Cage who said he only eats animals that have "dignified sex" and Megan Fox said she would prefer to starve than cook.

However, those a bit more in touch with healthy living have promoted more flexible diet trends like "Meatless Mondays" (Paul McCartney is a big supporter), weekday vegetarianism (promoted by greenie blog Treehugger founder Graham Hill at TED 2010), and carbohydrate only on weekends (rapper LL Cool J and pop sensation Lady Gaga).

The trend shows a new approach that allows for "cheating" without the guilt promising results that will pay off not only for the health of individuals but also the planet. 

Trend fortunetellers predicted a rise in flexitarianism in 2010 not rocket science given the definition of the term means sometimes vegetarians (a lot of people would fall into this category ever since people started eating meat, fruits, vegetables and grains), perhaps the term should be redefined as flexitarians are people that are flexible with their diets, say no to dogmas and enjoy everything depending on the day of the week. Sounds like moderation and finding a healthy balance is finally trendy.