On Sunday May 9, children of every age all over the world will be celebrating Mother's Day. Finding the right gift is often a daunting task, however UNICEF is asking you to help someone else's mom this year.

You mustn't forgo the one box of perfection or gesture that you have planned for mom, but she could be touched to know that her gift this year is more than a card but also went to protect Mother's to be from spreading HIV-AIDS to their new bundles of joy.  For $87.50 (€68.81) you can do just that and purchase the Mother-Baby Pack from UNICEF's inspired gifts and your mom will also get a card.

There is also an option to save three moms and their families from malaria with an Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets for $18.57 (€14.60) or if you want to help over 50 moms celebrate their next child's birth there is an option to purchase the Midwifery Kit for $1,994.77 (€1567.78).

In January, Malaria No More, an organization devoted to ending malaria, was able to help 89,724 mothers and children with lifesaving nets based on a campaign called twitternets, fueled by generous celebrities like Aston Kutcher and Anderson Cooper. Although UNICEF's campaign has special importance on Mother's Day. The UNICEF inspired online store is always open.

To see complete list of UNICEF's inspired gifts, shop and support UNICEF's Save a life this Mother's Day campaign, go to: http://inspiredgifts.unicefusa.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ig_atWork_mothersday and http://inspiredgifts.unicefusa.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ig_shop