She really does think differently than him

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On August 29 the science news site explains ten ways a woman's brain differs from that of a man. Here are the top five things you may not know about the female mind.

1. Her cycle impacts hormone levels in the brain and body every day of the month. 
2. A woman's intuition is biological and females are better than men in reading people.
3. Conflicts release an abundance of chemicals in her brain that are similar to seizure. However, worse than conflicts, a woman's mind detests unreadable responses.
4. She processes pain, fear and anxiety differently than him. "Women are more prone to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety disorders."
5. Aggression is not her thing, a women's brain thinks strategically if a threat is near.

To see the complete list, go to:

For more on how she thinks vs. how he thinks, the Japanese journal Nature Interface breaks down the difference with respect to space cognition, linguistics, multi-tasking and emotional control; visit:

Plus a humorous pictogram interpretation of a woman's brain multi-tasking: