A new study published in PLoS One, a peer-reviewed science journal, on May 3 found alcohol to be a poor hangover remedy as it causes greater alcohol dependence and affects the brain. Here are 20 easy non-alcoholic remedies to try as well as tips for how to avoid a hangover.

Unfortunately there isn't one cure-all for a hangover, as the symptoms can range from dehydration and a pounding headache to flu-like symptoms, even seizures. According to various blogs and sites, including RUpissed? and HubPages, any of the following will do the trick to quell nausea, headaches, cleanse toxins, and to get the good stuff back in you.

Nausea relief: Coke, coffee, ginseng, Vegemite (400g $11.95/€9.39) on toast (plus vitamin B boost), cold pizza, bananas, peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich, chocolate milk

Sweat it out: hot bath

Rehydration and balancing sugar and minerals levels: ginseng, orange juice, tomato, a 600mg vitamin C tablet, Berocca (a 15-pack multi-vitamin tab £5.81/€6.85), chocolate milk, sauerkraut, pickle juice, eggs (raw is best), passion fruit juice

Headache relief: aspirin or the like, natural willow barks can also be chewed, bananas

Fuel up: crackers and honey, eggs, cold pizza

Also here is a clip to see how to make About.com's Jonathon Stewart's hangover shake: http://video.about.com/cocktails/Hangover-Remedies.htm 

There are also various products that claim to block hangovers like Gtox, a new detox shot with Glucarate, a "patented ingredient for Phase-II liver detoxification." Gtox claims it works best taken before sleeping. A pack of four 4-Ounce bottles of Gtox costs $11.99 (€9.42).

Here are some other tips to prevent a hangover other than the obvious - don't drink: drink no more than one alcoholic beverage per hour and remember to hydrate with water; if you are feeling drunk, lay off the cocktails and load up on water; avoid bubbly and super sweet drinks; before going to bed make sure you eat cheesy carbs (pizza, mac and cheese); drink Berocca vitamin supplement in water.