The 10 Best home phones

These days telephones are something of a fashion statement, and here's our list of the most stylish ways to stay in touch

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{1} Eclipse, £65, amazon


Available in black or white, this phone’s base and ergonomic handset connect seamlessly to create a circle. The handset’s innovative magnetic connection means you can pick up and replace it with ease. There’s HD-quality sound, a speakerphone and answer machine.

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{2} Gigaset S795 £199, amazon

Gigaset S795.jpg

Fed up of your answerphone messages sounding as if someone’s been speaking with a sock over the phone? Messages are crystal-clear on this sleek, cordless phone, whose other great features include a generous phonebook, caller ID and conference call.

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{3} Wild & Wolf Scandiphone, £39, amazon

Wild and Wolf Scandiphone.jpg

This phone will be a conversation piece in more ways than one. Based on the upright phone that was introduced in Europe in the mid-1950s, which was smaller and lighter than anything else at the time, it was selected to appear in the Museum of Modern Art in New York in the 1970s.

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{4} Moshi Moshi Retro Handset, £10, amazon

Moshi Moshi Retro Handset.jpg


If you don’t have a landline, but tire of holding your mobile up to the ear while you’re huddled on the sofa, do yourself a favour and invest in one of these. Provided you get the right adaptor, it plugs into any mobile, or indeed, computer, for VoIP calls such as Skype.

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{5} BT 6500, £50, amazon

BT 6500.jpg

Nuisance calls are a major problem and this new phone is the first to stop them by blocking withheld numbers. The handset is cordless and comes in single, dual or triple sets with an answerphone and a variety of protection settings that will leave you breathing a sigh of relief at finally ending cold calls.

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{6} Bakelite Telephone, £150, iwmshop

Bakelite Telephone.jpg

There are many novelty phones based on the original 1930s Bakelite, but this one from the Imperial War Museum is an original, reconditioned working one. Don’t buy one if you’re a perfectionist, though – some have slight wear and tear due to their age.

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{7} Punkt DP 01, £237, amazon

Punkt DP 01.jpg

Many of today’s phones are overcomplicated but this one, which is available in black, red or white, has no frills and no confusing array of advanced functions. Instead, it focuses on straightforward communication and a good design that will suit any setting.

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{8} BT Diverse 7460 Plus, £48, amazon

BT Diverse 7460 Plus.jpg

This is perfect for a home study. Not only is there a hands-free function and advanced answer machine, there’s also an option for conference calls, a socket for a headset and an impressive text and call memory, as well as a keypad lock to protect it from the kids.

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{9} Philips S10A, £98, amazon

Philips S10A.jpg

This is as close as you’ll get to an iPhone in a home phone. With a sleek design and a space-saving charger unit, the best feature of all is that you can accept mobile calls on your landline and access your mobile contacts on the handset.

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{10} Sagemcom Sixty Digital Cordless Phone, £70, amazon

Sagemcom Sixty Digital  Cordless Phone.jpg

This contemporary take on a classic comes in black or cherry red and has a built-in answerphone and a hands-free speakerphone that lets you chat while doing your chores. It holds 150 contacts and has a battery life of 10 hours talk time.

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