The 10 Best nursery furniture

Your baby may not be an heir to the throne, but every little one deserves the good start in life that these nursery items provide

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1. Cosatto Story Cot Bed

New this season, this cheery cot is aimed at those who want a change from the sea of white and wooden cots that line the floors of most nursery retailers. There’s a top-of-cot changer, and because it transforms into a bed, it will last your littl’un up to the age of five.


2. Stokke Change Together Grow Together

Changing tables are great for babies, but they soon become surplus to requirement. This award-winning one transforms into a desk, bookshelf and television stand, making it by far the most flexible on the market. The height is adjustable, too.


3. Abbeville Four Cube Storage

Particularly useful for nurseries where floor space is tight, this slimline set of shelves is very versatile and can be made to look extra tidy when you team it up with GLTC’s canvas storage cubes that come in a range of designs and colours.


4. Little Bird Told Me Rocking Horse

Rocking horses have delighted children for centuries and this one, with a modern twist, will finish off your nursery with both style and fun. Named Doodle, it has a stylised fabric-print body and a super-soft scrunchy faux-suede mane and tail, as well as a little friend, Crumb.


5. Argos Canvas Storage Boxes

This set of three safari-themed boxes proves that storage doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. Use them for nursery essentials such as nappies to start with, then progress on to toys. They arrive flat-packed.


6. The Original Bunkcot

This is genius for people who have twins or kids close in age and who want to maximise space and reduce back pain. The top bunk is suitable for babies up to nine-months-old and the bottom cot is suitable for children up to three years old. Two mattresses are included.


7. Mamas & Papas Magic Astro Bouncer

Lying in a Moses basket or car seat can bore babies, and even many baby bouncers are pretty dull. With this one, babies can kick and pull to create sounds and soft light bursts to encourage sensory development, and there are different modes available for relaxing and sleeping, too.


8. Haywood Glider Nursing Chair and Footstool

This supremely comfortable and wide chair and footstool is perfect for feeding your baby, as well as reading to them when they’re a bit older. Finished off in a natural wood and softly upholstered, the ergonomics are spot on.


9. The Little Green Sheep Snuzpod

When baby is tiny, you can let one of the sides down so that you can settle and feed your baby without leaving your bed. It can also be used as a stand-alone crib for the nursery and the removable rocking bassinet can be used around the home.


10. Silver Cross Nostalgia Wardrobe

Mention Silver Cross and most people think of prams, but they make high-quality nursery furniture, too, including this full-sized wardrobe that will look great in any nursery and save you buying a new one later on.