The 10 Best paddling pools

Most of us spent idyllic childhood summers splashing about in the family paddling pool. Here are the best modern versions...

1. Bestway Paddling Pool

With a 10ft diameter, this sturdy inflatable pool is big enough for mum and dad to join in the fun. It may take longer to inflate and fill than a smaller option, but it’s worth the effort for children who want a proper swim, and can be left up for longer too. Comes with a filter pump and protective cover.

£24 amazon

2. Car Racer Pool

Children can take their imagination for a ride in this small racing-car pool complete with a steering wheel and – more importantly on sunny days –  a sun shade. If you have room indoors, use it as a ball pool come winter.

£20, amazon

3. Countryside Play Centre Paddling Pool

A shallow paddling pool with a water-spraying rim is perfect for fun and games in the garden. It comes with a ball-toss game, six plastic play balls,  a rainbow shade and a repair patch.

£12.99, splashandrelax

4. Slip ‘n’ Slide Wave Rider Double

Turn the back garden into a (miniature) water park with this action-packed slide. It comes with two boogie boards to add an element of competition to proceedings, and wider models made for three are also available.

£24, amazon

5. Bestway bubble inflatable pool

Always fancied your own Jacuzzi? This is the pool for you. It comes with a pump to turn boring old water into a bubbling whirlpool. The only downside? It doesn’t heat the water, so your spa session is likely to be rather invigorating.

£150, amazon

6. Karlie Doggy Pool

Designed for hot dogs, this hard- wearing pool will cool your pet down  on unbearably sweltering days. If you’ve ever seen what a dog’s claws can do to an inflatable pool, you’ll agree a dog-proof design is a smart plan (although a cheaper option is a rigid plastic pool).

£92, amazon

7. Bestway Splash and Play 3D Adventure

No ordinary pool! This large circular inflatable has 3D effects on its inner side and comes with two pairs of  3D-enabled goggles so that children can discover a new world underneath the water. Nine feet of swimming space means that it’s also great for those who want to practice a few strokes.

£54, amazon

8. Interactive Elephant Play Pool

Quick to inflate and deflate and with a fun animal design, this is a simple single-ring paddling pool for young children with a fun twist – push the elephant’s trunk and watch it squirt!

£20, amazon

9. Blue Clam Shell Water  Sand Pit

A classic design, this style of pool-meets-sandpit has kept tots occupied for decades. Dinky enough to fit on the most modest of patios, it folds shut when not in use. Get your pre-orders in now, it’s back in stock on Thursday.

£30, amazon

10. Intex Sequoia Spirit Wood Grain Frame Pool

OK, so it is a bit of a monster, but who wouldn’t like a splash in Intex’s pool on a hot day? It’s a whopping 16ft 8in x 49in and comes with a ladder, ground cloth, pool cover and a maintenance kit with surface skimmer and DVD. Last one in’s a rotten egg!

£825, amazon