'I want my daughter to shine above the cesspool that culture has made of modern women.'

Parenting is an understandably scary job, but those who believe in the “Red Pill” philosophy that traditional gender roles are rigged against men to benefit women seem a little more on edge than most.

Red Pill parenting is a subset of a wider movement whose followers believe they are “woke”. It is named after the moment in The Matrix where Morpheus asks Neo whether he wants to continue being ignorant to truth or take the red pill and see “how deep the rabbit hole goes”.

Devotees believe that men are victims of a system that favours women, from marriage to the workplace, and are fearful of a world where gender stereotypes are crumbling and as society is “feminised”.  

“Women are, by nature, manipulative, attention-seeking, inconsistent, emotional, and hypergamous. Accept this truth. Once you do, you can game women for what they are ... not what you want them to be,” wrote on user on the Red Pill Reddit page.

The Reddit page “Red Pill Parenting”, meanwhile, is devoted to the “discussion of raising kids while keeping Red Pill philosophies in mind and developing a positive identity for boys and realistic expectations for our girls.” Their concerns are earnest and real. 

Some pages detail worries any parent might have, and includes perfectly reasonable advice that “showing affection is completely OK” or warning against "lying to them about the world.” Overall, they favour strict but fair parenting

Other pages showcase how Red Pill parents are deeply concerned about ideas of sexual purity, girls becoming exploitative and their sons being victims. “A man’s path to raising a masculine son in a feminised society,” is one post's title. Another thread is explores the idea of “protecting your little girls from slutiness."

Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) explains what the Matrix is and offers Neo (Keanu Reeves) the chance to "wake up" by taking the red pill. (YouTube/The Matrix)

“How do I keep my daughter from becoming a whore?” BornAgainAlpha poses on another thread.  

“Vet her peer group, disapprove of the burgeoning attention whores and don't let her hang out with them," they suggest. 

“I involve my daughter in appropriate hobbies I enjoy that will improve her self-worth. Working with power tools, learning how to make something with her hands, rock climbing, building a computer herself, learning how to handle money, etc. Typically masculine stuff."

He adds: "I want my daughter to shine above the cesspool that culture has made of modern women."