This is how to react when you receive a terrible birthday present / Vine/Jeff Simmons
Uncle deliberately gives his nephew a terrible birthday present to test his manners and the result is amazing

We all remember that time as a child when you’ve received a dodgy birthday present, with the situation usually descending into tears and a tantrum, But, this 3-year-old boy shows us how you should react.

Watch the moment when a young boy receives an avocado as a birthday present below.

His uncle Jeff Simmons posted the video on Vine and it has been looped more than 45 million times. Simmons and his sister Victoria, who is the youngster’s mother, wanted to teach him how to react politely when receiving presents.

As part of the challenge, they also gave him an oven mitt and coffee cup to open. 3-year-old Henry passed with flying colours and at his real birthday party was duly rewarded with a toy monster truck.

Bravo young man, bravo!